A platform for investing in new and innovative crypto projects, which are selected manually by our experts.
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Alpha is a DeFi platform that proposes a revolutionary solution to the OTC market.

Price 0.2 USDT
Participants 1 800 000
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Accumulated % 30.00%
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The early investment process

Launchboard is an early-stage investment platform (ICO). You can find a token that has not yet appeared on the exchanges and support the project that issues this token.

How it works

  • You will see an announcement about the start of fundraising for the project (here, as well as on social networks and the PointPay blog)
  • You will be able to study the information on the PointPay website, as well as on external resources, and ask questions (find out all the information on the project pages that will appear in our chart). Also, follow the project news on its page on the PointPay website.
  • After the start, you will be able to purchase the desired number of project coins for any currency available on the platform at a fixed time (usually from 5 to 21 days).
  • Please note that some coins have quotas. It means that you can only purchase them in limited quantities. Sometimes quotas are increased for those who hold PXP tokens. The more PXP you have, the greater the purchase limit is available to you. So you can buy more PXP and go back to buying a coin right after that.
  • You can invest in a coin more than once.
  • While the project is in the process of fundraising, your investments will be frozen for operations. You will see the balance of the purchased coins in your wallet.
  • As soon as the project completes fundraising, it may announce a short pause for implementing technical solutions. However, it is optional. After that, you will immediately be able to trade the coin on our exchange.
  • We do not guarantee the profitability of your chosen coin after its listing. However, we perform thorough due diligence on all projects and try to offer only the most promising ones.